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Hair Cut                                                             $23
Buzz Cut                                                            $20
Flat Top                                                             $30
Retiree     ($12 between 9.am & 11.am M ~ F)       $17
Beard Trim                                                          $08
Shampoo                                                            $08
 School Boys
High School                                                         $21
Primary                                                              $19
Pre School                                                          $17
Some Helpful Definitions
  • Regulation-Haircut

A very short tapered haircut. The back and sides are cut very short and clipped to the scalp lower down at the back and sides, tapered very short to the crown, with the top cut just long enough to comb over.

  • Business-Man's-Cut

A term that describes a short (but not extremely short) haircut. It generally refers to a cut that is long enough to be either parted or brushed back. The back and sides may be tapered or slightly longer, but cut around the ears.

  • Caesar-Cut

A moderately short cut worn in the style of Julius Caesar. The hair is layered to around 1 to 2 inches all over. The hair is brushed forward to a short fringe at the front.

  • Short-Tapered-Fade

A short tapered cut. The hair at the back and sides is tapered from zero length lower down up to around half an inch. The hair may be short or longer over the crown of the head. On top, the hair is longer and may be layered.

  • Layer-Cut

The style of having hair cut so that hair on different parts of the head is approximately the same length (instead of being cut longer in the center and shorter around the edges). This cut contrasts from tapered-cuts.

  • Under-Cut

This cut is much like a bowl cut except the ridge of the bowl is not where the cuttings ends. The ridge of the bowl is lifted so the hair is clipper cut further up the side of the head an additional one to two inches. This allows the head to be shaken and the bowl look will always return to its regular shape. The sides may either be "white-walled" or cut to 1/8" length. The bottom of the back may be either faded or square cut.

  • Wedge-Cut

Similar to a bowl cut, except that the hair below the weight line is tapered instead of all being cut to the one length. The taper may be quite gradual and may not be very short or clean cut. In fact, the hair may even cover the top of the ears. This is not really a barber shop cut.

  • Buzz-Cut
A short cut in which the hair is cut an even, short length (usually around 1/4 inch or less down to stubble all over). The name comes from the sound of the electric clippers used for the cut.
  • Flat-Top
The cut gives a flat top surface on the round shape of the head. The hair at the central area of the head is cut shorter than the hair at the front and around the top sides of the head.
If the hair is left longer on top, the front and upper sides will require more styling (such as blow-drying and either gel or pomade) to hold it place.
Variations of the flat top are:
1.    Horseshoe-Flattop
An extremely short version of the flattop cut. This cut gets its name because the only hair left on the head is a "horseshoe" shape ring of hair around the upper sides and across the front.
2.    White-Walls-Flat-top
A flattop haircut in which the back and sides of the head are clippered clean using special “Baulding Clippers.

  • Short Back“n”Sides
A widely-used term used to describe a short tapered cut on the back and sides (tapered 'round the edge) and reasonably short on top regardless of whether it is brushed back, side part, center part, or whatever.

  • Square-Back

The hair at the back is cut at the bottom as a defined straight line. The hair is left full and is not tapered at the back or the sides. A square back can be used with a range of styles, including a Crew Cut; a College Cut or a Flat Top.

  • Taper-(fading)

The style of having the hair cut getting progressively shorter lower down towards the nape of the head. This is generally done with electric clippers and gives a crisper, freshly cut look. The degree of tapering can range from a slight taper to a style in which the hair around the nape and around the ears is completely shaven.


  • Texturising-Scissors

Scissors that are used to thin out hair. Instead of having two flat blades, like regular scissors. Texturising scissors have matching sets of "teeth" with gaps between them. When used to cut hair, some of the hair gets between the teeth of the scissors and is cut, but most of the hair falls in the gaps between the teeth and is not cut. This allows some of the hairs to be cut short and other hairs to remain at the full length of the style.

  •  Clipper-Attachment-Guide

The advantage of using clipper attachments is that they cut hair to a consistent short length quickly and-easily.

FreeStyle BARBER SHOP uses Wahl clippers and attachments  

    • #0 - (no attachment) - 1/100 inch,
    • #1 - 1/8 inch
    • #2 - 1/4 inch
    • #3 - 3/8 inch
    • #4 - 1/2 inch
    • #- 5/8 inch
    • #6 - 3/4 inch
    • #7 - 7/8 inch
    • #8 - 1 inch
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